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Entity Music VS Dj Jaivane Challenge.

Entity Music VS Dj Jaivane Challenge.

7 June, 2020

Just to clear the Air????????????
The track “Nayi Lengoma” Was produced by Entity MusiQ & Lil’Mo only and several witnesses that were in studio on that night can surely vouch for us. We used Djy Jaivane Sa’s studio in an arrangement that when we produce the tracks since he doesn’t know how to produce nor play a note, in exchange we will give him a percentage for studio time and we did exactly that??. Everyone on the track(Thabang HouseKulcha, Reinett Tsiki Xii, Lil’Mo & Msheke) decided that we give him 20% share for studio time and give him a writers credit as he didn’t want his name to appear on the track?? For someone who we’ve been given to tracks by us (Entity Music) for free since around 2018 to play on his mixtapes & gigs, this is a very low blow to be honest.?? we are no crooks. We’ve always given him exclusive tracks for free and has been rocking some of them. We gave him credit on this song and he didn’t want it. We gave him a more than enough fair share of the track for someone who didn’t produce it(20% as everyone on the track got 20% each)

We are no crooks…?? We hope as a brother he will rectify what he is trying to do

Anyway here is a link to the song??????

Later on They Posted

We’ve been reading what people have posted about us this morning. We have since shared a ‘small’ part of our side of the story, just to clear the air (especially for those who Love us and our music). To allow the TRUTH to prevail, we’ve decided to Challenge Djy Jaivane: The CHALLENGE IS to – produce a track during a LIVE streaming session here on Facebook. @DJY JAIVANE will go against ONE of Entity MusiQ’s members in producing a track from scratch (unassisted) until the final product.

We believe this will actually clarify this matter with everyone and will stop the insults once and for all. We are hard workers and it’s unfair for anyone to LIE and try to discredit us for whatever reasons.Thank you

Date and time will be set up once he accepts

Will Dj Jaivane Respond to this one?

We are all waiting for it.

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