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Software Developer Internship

Software Developer Internship

22 June, 2021

Software Developer Internship

The Northern Data internship program offers Africa’s technology enthusiasts and graduates the initial hands-on experience they need to succeed as professional software developers – able to design, develop, implement, and manage successful software solutions for a Cloud First, Mobile First world.

We’re looking for interns who are passionate about modern coding practices, Object-Oriented coding, writing clean code and already have a good basic understanding of full-stack development to join our team. By that, we mean a person who is interested in working in both front-end technologies (such as Angular) as well as backend frameworks (such as ASP.NET) and mobile frameworks (such as Cordova or Xamarin).

Software Developer Internship

We offer a paid 9 month internship program, with the possibility of being placed in Northern Data or one of our partners. Interns will be based in Stellenbosch surrounding area.

As an intern you’ll be part of a development team responsible to deliver “real” projects to “real” clients. You’ll be mentored by a dedicated senior developer in a real-world high-pressure environment of professional software development disciplines, processes and practices. This position is best suited for someone who is seriously interested in intensive learning, enjoys bringing their own perspectives and ideas to the table and work hard on delivering a quality product to the client.

Must have:
• You are a South African citizen
• Grade 12 (matric) or equivalent certificate essential
• Passionate about software development, writing clean code, continuous learning and want to become a professional developer
• Have a firm understanding of the basics of coding and can code those basics
• Good problem-solving skills
• Loves continuous learning

Nice to have:
• A degree in the relevant field of software development will be advantageous. Only a matric coupled with a few courses in Software Development will also suffice, BUT should have a firm understanding of the basics.
• Working knowledge and experience of preferably C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XAML, Git, Visual Studio IDE
• Shows an entrepreneurial personality and spirit
• Present side projects, up-to-date code examples, or open-source modules
• If you have a website, share it with us

Do’s and Don’ts:
• If you meet all the must haves, apply! If you don’t have all the must haves, please don’t apply!
• There’s such a thing as “Too Much Information”, give us the information that will help us decide to hire you. Thus, keep it short and easy to extract the information.
• Please send all applications to

*Please note preference will be given to female candidates in line with our employment equity targets.

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