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Complex Caretaker Merand Corbett & Associate Strand, Western Cape

Complex Caretaker Merand Corbett & Associate Strand, Western Cape

4 April, 2020

Complex Caretaker Merand Corbett & Associate Strand, Western Cape to Manage/ Oversee staff, security & contractors to ensure the complex is well maintained and access protocol are adhered to.

Review work procedures and methods as required for quality service.

Keep records of all expenses from petty cash.

Obtain quotations for maintenance together with Managing Agent.

Verify all documents of new tenants.

Load fingerprints of residents on Biometric system providing all supporting documents are in place.

Monitor electric fence and boundary walls.

Oversee the security service protocol.

Enforcement of Conduct Rules and maintain general discipline.

Identify any breach in Conduct Rules and notify Managing Agent.

Assist tenants/owners where possible

Liaise with agents.

Liaise with contractors

Liaise with visitors.

Prepare maintenance schedule, obtain quotes and liaise with the Managing Agent in order to gain approval.

Keep records of all maintenance/ repairs/guarantees.

Inspect all maintenance services in order to ensure that work is done to satisfactory standards and specifications.

Maintain an asset register.

Keep records of owners/tenants and rental agents.

Keep records of staff:
Sick Leave

Annual Leave


Hours Worked

Do disciplinary hearings

Monitor staff work performance

Ensure staff salaries/wages correct and forward to Managing Agent.

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Monitor performances of general workers to ensure grounds are kept neat and clean

Pest control

Landscaping and gardening

Waste Control

Advice on all maintenance requirements

Compile maintenance plan (short, medium & long term)

Maintain common property (small and minor maintenance)

Maintenance of civil , plumbing & electrical infrastructure (small)

Conduct maintenance inspection and requirements reported to Managing Agent.


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