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Johannesburg, ZA


Nedbank Recruiting

Job Purpose

To grow business by acquiring new property finance clients predominantly in the commercial property market/sector to add value to the Nedbanks private wealth client offering.

Job Responsibilities

Managed Financial and Business Results

  • Source and relate business opportunities from internal departments in line with budgets by building and maintaining internal relationships.
  • Deliver project/financial results by communicating and negotiating internal requirements and risk parameters.
  • Advise internal stakeholders through reporting and engaging on improved recovery practices and processes.


Managed Stakeholder Relationships

  • Build and maintain relationships with clients by demonstrating understanding of client needs, communication, acting on feedback and delivering on client expectations.
  • Retain and grow mutual business with existing/new clients through regular engagement/interactions.
  • Build and maintain relationships with internal stakeholders through collaboration, information sharing and giving and receiving feedback.


Managed Internal Processes

  • Monitor daily performance and status by analysing departmental performance against expected outcomes and communicate as per standard operating procedures.
  • Optimise outputs by evaluating resource utilisation and analysing channel effectiveness.
  • Adhere to internal compliance standards and external regulatory requirements for transactions, proposals and documentation by informing relevant internal stakeholders.
  • Resolve work obstacles by monitoring and managing on a case-by-case basis and early escalation where required.
  • Inform internal stakeholders of industry changes and legislation through information sharing.


Managed Self

  • Support the achievement of the business strategy, objectives and values by reviewing Nedbank and Business Unit Plan and ensuring delivered systems, process, services and solutions are aligned.
  • Identify training courses and career progression for self through input and feedback from management.
  • Ensure all personal development plan activities are completed within specified timeframe.
  • Share knowledge and industry trends with team and stakeholders during formal and informal interaction.


Improved Processes and Culture

  • Contribute to a culture conducive to the achievement of transformation goals by participating in Nedbank Culture building initiatives (e.g. staff surveys etc.).
  • Participate and support corporate responsibility initiatives for the achievement of business strategy (e.g.. Green Strategy).
  • Seek opportunities to improve business processes and systems by identifying and recommending effective ways to operate and adding value to Nedbank.

Essential Qualifications – NQF Level

  • Matric / Grade 12 / National Senior Certificate
  • Advanced Diplomas/National 1st Degrees

Preferred Qualification

B.Comm in Property Economics.

Minimum Experience Level

5 years’ experience in structured lending in a financial institution

5 years’ experience sourcing, securing new deals and establishing client relationships in the property finance industry

Type of Exposure

  • Conducting root cause analysis
  • Working with a group or independently to identify alternative solutions to a problem
  • Analysing situations or data that requires an evaluation of multiple factors
  • Interacting with diverse people
  • Building and maintaining effective cross-functional relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing ways to manage risks
  • Analysing and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data
  • Drafting reports
  • Interacting with various levels of management
  • Managing conflict situations
  • Managing multiple projects
  • Influencing stakeholders to obtain buy-in for concepts and ideas.
  • Answering customer questions
  • Sharing information in different ways to increase stakeholders understanding
  • Communicating complex information orally
  • Communicating complex written information.
  • Brainstorming ways of improving a product or situation
  • Challenging the status quo with a view to improving the environment or people’s understanding
  • Identifying trends
  • Checking accuracy of reports and rec
  • Communicating standards to others
  • Conducting gap analysis
  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Comparing two or more sets of information
  • Coordinating and securing buy-in from stakeholders
  • Preparing and delivering a presentation
  • Writing business proposals
  • Providing professional advice/opinion
  • Using different approaches in new work situations business proposals

Technical / Professional Knowledge

  • Microsoft Office
  • Cluster Specific Operational Knowledge
  • Business writing
  • Relevant regulatory knowledge
  • Principles of project management
  • Industry trends
  • Business principles
  • Business Acumen
  • Business terms and definitions
  • Relevant software and systems knowledge
  • Communication Strategies
  • Banking knowledge
  • Data analysis
  • Banking procedures
  • Decision-making process
  • Research methodology
  • Governance, Risk and Controls
  • Principles of financial management

Behavioural Competencies

  • Sales Disposition
  • Building Trusting Relationships
  • Tenacity
  • Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills
  • Managing Work
  • Decision Making

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Please contact the Nedbank Recruiting Team at +27 860 555 566



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